New Year’s Resolutions, (Shmezolutions)……….”2015″

10676276_1564727857098162_4217320314685833204_n[1]Silly title I know just having some fun with it……..Here we are the day before New Years Eve when people start getting frazzled because they haven’t come up with their New Year’s resolutions or they haven’t written a list out just yet.  The end of the year is a great time to reflect over the past year to see where you feel a change is needed or not needed.  All to often what I have witnessed is people put so much pressure on themselves to make so many significant changes all at once that it becomes overwhelming and is no longer fun a few weeks or a few months into it.  It becomes almost like a second job and the stress of it starts setting in.  Don’t get me wrong though I think resolutions are great I have done it many times myself, but all to often we don’t talk about feeling like you “have” to make changes but nobody has to do anything they don’t feel strongly about.

How many of us have started out the New Year guns a blazing that this time we are going to complete that list, follow through with that diet, a new job, the new way of living your life, giving more, controlling your anger, get help for your drinking, the list goes on and on.  Myself personally I am tired of  beating myself up because I didn’t get through the diet or I didn’t lose as much weight, I didn’t exercise enough, or whatever the case may be.  I am only human and this year I have decided for me no resolutions in the way of making a list of promises to myself that I am sure to have issues with as time goes by.  I am learning something new for me which is acceptance of myself at any size, any age, in anyway.  The outer appearance is what I have always struggled with but I know inside my heart is so big, so pure, and I give like no other!

I believe that we all attempt to make so many big changes at once that when we fall short the negative impact is far worse than if you never tried at all.  I say try and eat better, drink a little less, exercise more, and no matter what keep a positive focus through it all.  The other big thing is people give to the man standing on a corner with a sign saying “homeless please help” many are quick to give a dollar or two or buy him a cup of coffee, give him a bag of food.  I do it all the time, it is wonderful to give but what I would like to open your eyes too is this……do you give to those closest to you?  Do you have amends to make for something?  Do you focus enough attention and affection on your significant other?  Do you need to get things off your chest that are bottled up inside?  Do you take care of yourself?

I read a saying once that said “You never know what you have until it’s gone” then it went on to say “Let’s be honest you did know what you had you just never thought you would lose it”!  The moral of that is taking things for granted in your life  that God has gifted you with.  If you don’t make resolutions then take the time to reflect on the past year and get in touch with what is really in your heart and open it up to all the changes that can make your life more fulfilling.  Love deeper,  the more you give the more you get,  let people go that fill your life only with negativity and toxicity. You can still love people and wish them a good life even if they are no longer a part of your daily life, and maybe one day they will do their own soul searching and come back into your life with a renewed spirit about them.

We don’t always understand in the moment why certain things happen in our life  but if we look deep enough and are willing to hear the answer no matter what it may be the lesson will appear and the answer will become clear.  No matter what at the end of the day make sure you can lay your head down on your pillow and say “I have not hurt anybody today” “I have done the best I can” & “tomorrow I will be better than the day before” Love is what is most important.  With that in your heart you will be able to give forgiveness, empathy, compassion, kindness, and you will have the ability to be the person you have always strived to be and the world will be a better place for it!

Wishing all your dreams come true in “2015”………Happy New Year!!

Peace & Serenity,  Harmony Rose


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