“Kylie Jenner Challenge”…..Is Wrong!!!

CC_FB_-VIAAqfqh[1]The picture to the left was found on Twitter. Although this is not my usual topic to write about I had such strong emotions about it I felt I needed to blog about it! When I saw this Kylie Jenner Challenge this morning on the news about young girls sucking all the air out of small glasses or jars to plump up their lips because Kylie Jenner put out a challenge I have to tell you as a mother and a woman I felt so disgusted!

When you are a big name in todays society and you have the ability to be a positive role model for young girls and this is what you put out there for them I have to say your teaching the wrong lessons.  Maybe she meant well however it isn’t right in this Mom’s opinion! It is one thing to promote being YOURSELF but falsely plumping up your lips is not someone being themselves it is going to an extreme length to change your look. These girls are way too young to even think about things like this. To me this is like saying your not beautiful if you don’t experiment with your looks. How about defining that in a more precise manner, such as changing the colors of your eye shadow, lip gloss, eyeliner, hair style, Etc. but not trying to get a low grade image of some type of cosmetic surgery by sucking on a glass, I mean seriously is anyone else disturbed by this?

Young girl’s and women have a hard enough time feeling good about themselves. We struggle with body image, looks, fitting in and the acceptance of others in society and this kind of thing does not help it hurts people and what about the emotional damage it can do as well as the physical damage?  Honestly I feel she owes all these young girls an apology. I have seen some of the photos like the one above and how they are responding with “why did I do this” & “don’t do it” this is not a positive image to send to young girls. Being YOURSELF means you find the positive attributes you already have naturally and be proud of that.

This is why women like “Tess” the plus size model is such an inspiration to girls and women all over the world. In my opinion the reason why is because she is pure and real. She has learned how to turn her full figure into a positive accepting beautiful image for not only herself but she is a voice for so many who don’t have the courage to speak up for themselves but through her they feel they can learn how to love themselves exactly the way they are. We have a nine year old grand daughter that get’s bullied because of her weight, she is NINE…… where do you think kids that young learn how to be so cruel? They learn it at home as well as things they see on TV and see on the internet. They are sponges they absorb what they see and hear. Stuff like this to me is trash!

If your going to put something out there make it positive you never know who is listening and how it may affect them. This young lady is seventeen years old and in the industry so this gives her the opportunity to use that role for something good. I hope you retract your comments Miss Jenner because frankly your challenge is hurting young girls and I find it terribly disturbing. I am sure you are a pleasant young lady and your entire family is beautiful but for those of us that don’t live in that world feel like we can’t compete so these girls take on your challenge in a serious way and I believe it is doing more harm than good.

To all young ladies out there please do not do this to yourselves, instead if you want to experiment with your looks do it in a natural way and enhance your beauty from the inside out. Being phony is just a way to hide the real you from the world, love the skin your in be a positive role model!!

Wishing you Peace & Serenity…………..Harmony





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