Happy-New-Year-Quotes-2016-for-Mom[1]As the wife of a recovering alcoholic the holidays were not something I looked forward too.  I can’t tell you how many New Years Eve’s I brought in alone while my husband was out drinking the night away in a bar!  However, the past 3 years he has been sober & working a program so now I Love the holidays that much more!  He is now able to be present for every moment!  It has been such a gift not to worry about how drunk he would get,  how the day would be ruined, or waiting for that dreaded phone call that something terrible happened.  Now I get to enjoy my favorite time of year because my husband is sober!

IMG_0515Many things have happened in our lives this year, both good and bad.  We watched our daughter be surprised with the gift of a brand new car from her grand parents!  We watched my father struggle with his health a bit more this year including having some memory loss.  My husband was able to leave a terrible job and found a place he really enjoys working for!  My Mom surprised us this year for Christmas with the gift of my brother……Priceless!!


We lost several of our rescue animals this year, which let me tell you it never gets easier your heart always breaks, the tears always fall.  We braved a snow storm in the mountains to go pick up a load of cat food for the Feral cats we take care of.  We have been taking care of a colony of homeless Feral cats in our neighborhood and out lying areas for 13 years now!  On a daily basis we feed over 100 cats!!

This year the person who was donating the cat food to us retired from rescue and it left us in a bad situation, our shelves were empty we had no way to feed the cats.  So I started a fundraiser on Go Fund Me to help us raise money to replenish their food supply for the year.  We now have about 3 months worth of food but we aren’t out of the woods just yet………..If you would like to make a final year end contribution or at anytime to help us continue our mission to  help keep these beautiful cats fed all year round please donate as much as you can today…….go to this link to help and we Thank You in advance!  Please share our Link!! 5687_10205783778969700_1148414796286117374_n[1]







11703039_10204840885637956_4896254074347988917_n[1]We got some chickens to raise, & my husband found a Rooster when he went fishing!  We traded our old car for a car that is like brand new for us! We celebrated our 3rd Grand baby!  We had a broken hot water pipe from the freezing temps. We had some good friends that were in a serious motorcycle accident.  We lost half of our giant tree in the front yard due to a heavy freezing snow!  tree

My daughter and I got to hold baby pigs for the first time…….(that was interesting to say the least)!  Our daughter also graduated from another school and is licensed to be a dental assistant!  My husband got 3 years of sobriety on October 6th, “2015”!  I received an award for my book being a finalist!

MUI CoverWe did about 9 book signings for our book MARRIED UNDER THE INFLUENCE (in case anyone is 11934971_10205167738729079_1206933649371172582_n[2]interested in getting a copy)!  We went to California to see Florida Georgia Line, my favorite country band!  We had a great time it was so much fun! 


We rescued kittens & puppies and adopted them into loving homes……IMG_1048

IMG_0417We got to go to the A’s/Giants baseball game in San Francisco and spent the day getting to know my husbands brother, soon to be wife and baby that we never met before until my father-n-laws funeral last December.  We now have extended family, sisters, brother, nephews, nieces, they are amazing people!  Since my husbands sobriety we have met some wonderful people and have had many opportunities to spend time with them on different occasions.  We have also seen marriages end, relationships begin, people having babies.  We have had friends relapse, we have had people we know pass away, alcoholism is a terribly deadly disease!  We have also witnessed people celebrating 45 years of sobriety as well as 1 day!

IMG_0946Our daughter is going to graduate college this New Year !  We are so proud of her……words can’t begin to explain what an amazing beautiful young lady she is.  Being her mom has made me the best person I could ever hope to be and has been the greatest joy of my life!  We also got a surprise visit from our youngest daughter and her husband.  They were having a tough time keeping their marriage together but we are so happy to say they found their way back to one another and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of them for not giving up!



Life can be crazy sometimes and these are just a few of the things we have had happen in our life this year.  Oh and I can’t leave out the dreaded fact that I am now going thru the peri-menopause stage of life, The Change.!!……. (let me tell you, as a woman when your body starts changing and you have these mini HOT flashes and you wake up when it is freezing outside and you feel like your on a beach naked in Aruba it sucks) and women tell me “Oh honey wait it gets worse”  Holy crap worse…..UGH!! No Thank You!!  Men you have it easy……..Well maybe not that easy you do have to deal with us! HA,HA,HA,HA a little dark humor there!!








Our life is good, the people we surround ourselves with now are the people that want the best for us………the ones that support us, that care about us, the ones that participate in our lives, this is our family and we love all of them including the ones we aren’t close too.  We have learned how to walk away from toxic people, we have learned that no matter how much sobriety my husband has every day he has to work his program!

IMG_0009I don’t make resolutions anymore because I am tired of disappointing myself so now I just go about the New Year this way………Like I do everyday!!  I do what I can to help others, I try to be better everyday than I was the day before.  I like to learn new things, I like to be with my family.  I am quick to forgive, I am also quick to apologize.  I love hearing people talk about their life, hearing their stories and sharing mine.  I Love that my parents are still with us and we get to celebrate everyday because we don’t need a special day to be grateful for all we have.  I love laughing until we about pee our pants because we have so much fun no matter what we do. 

This year we want to spend more time with friends getting to know people better.  We love our life. I have learned to appreciate all I have because as much as I don’t have I could have so much less.  I have learned to let things go and not allow it to cause me so much stress.  I have learned that giving more than I get keeps my heart big and pure.  Loving animals is my greatest passion and although I always over extend myself and take on too much there isn’t anything I would change! This year we plan on adding more chickens, ducks, and a baby pig or two, or maybe a couple goats instead, they were so much fun!


Most of all I Love my husband deeper than I ever have, we are closer than we have ever been, & everyday for us is a blessing because we know where we were and we never want to be there again, it was a very dark place!  My husband recently said to me “we have been together almost 16 years”………and he went on with saying “I can’t believe that you stayed with me after all that I put you through, all my years of drinking, the terrible things I did to you, he said but you have always been there for me, always”!  He said “I cant believe how blessed I am that you Love me the way that you do”!  He said “we get to spend every day together for the rest of our lives because you and I were meant to be together, he said as long as we have each other nothing else matters”!  For us we have a Love and devotion to our marriage that is so deep and honored that nothing can break us, we are in this life together for better or worse!  We are best friends!

Here is to another New Year………We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us, our family, & our friends!  I know this year is going to be full of amazing surprises, success, and Love, this will be our best year!! We wish you all a very Happy, Loving, Healthy New Year and remember be the change you wish to see, go for it, you never fail if you try!   HAPPY “2016”






Wishing you Peace & Serenity…………Harmony











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