13466028_10206986273871321_4545967841221518694_n[1]Hi all it’s me, Author Harmony Rose and that is my wonderful husband & I!  We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary….YAY us!! For all of you that read my blog or come across this blog PLEASE PLEASE help us by donating or sharing this link today! Every penny goes to the care for these homeless animals and right now their food supply is in danger of running out by the end of this month we need everyone’s help! If you donate send me a message I would be happy to send you my book or FREE with any size donation!

We desperately need everyone’s help! Today I am writing to you as an animal lover/rescuer. I have rescued animals all my life because besides writing animals are my greatest passion in life! My husband and I have been caring for homeless animals in our area for over 13 years and please know we are not a rescue we do it out of the kindness of our hearts. The back story is we care for a large colony of Feral cats (125) of them, yes I said over 100 cats we care for daily by making sure they have food, water, and vet care if need be.

We have recently found ourselves this past year in a really tough situation because the rescue that was able to consistently keep our food source for these homeless animals full has gone into retirement leaving us scrambling the past year for help!  We are average human beings who live paycheck to paycheck and have a considerable amount of financial debt. If we had the funds to care for them ourselves we would NEVER ask anyone for help but desperate times call for desperate measures!  We always extend our hands to help others and have really put ourselves out there helping animals and people to try and make a difference. In 13 years we have spayed/neutered over 300 cats with the help of the TNR programs at our local Humane Society. We have taken it upon ourselves to adopt out and find loving homes for the ones we could about 75-100. As I have said we are not with a rescue we are just a husband and wife working hard to make a difference in the lives of these homeless animals that didn’t ask to be put in such a terrible situation but none the less they do not have a voice so WE are their voices! You will also see the cats in carriers that were picked up from their spay/neuter appointments. You will also see a photo of me with a large truck load full of cat food donation’s that we use to get that is why we need your help to get back to having that much replenished food to get us thru!

40873_1419101473563_7927462_n[1]Please take a look at some of their photos below and share our link and help in anyway you can today help keep our shelves full of food so we can keep their tummies full and our vet bill clear for new ailments that arise with the next ones that need help!!


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Any donation you can make today to help them and share our link with animal lovers far and wide! We are grateful for everyone’s help. From the bottom of our hearts know we appreciate every penny donated to this special cause, we can all make a difference when we work together!! No animal deserves to go hungry, die of starvation or go without medical attention when they are sick or injured please help us continue to help them, you too can make a difference!! We are one small voice in the world of animal neglect/abuse but one step at a time makes all the difference in these lives that would otherwise suffer unspeakable things without our help! Donate today!!! If you would like a Free autographed copy of my book MARRIED UNDER THE INFLUENCE please message me after you donate and thank you for your support to help fight animal hunger!! This is my personal fundraiser and every penny will go to these animals that we care for every single day!!  Sincerely, Author Harmony Rose


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