Wife-of-Alcoholic-300x300[1]Yes I am the wife of a recovering alcoholic I carry no shame with that! I am also a woman with emotions that can be hurt by your words. I am proud of all the things my husband and I have endured and what we turned it into! I hear people use “labels” to identify people all the time, whether it’s an addiction, mental illness, physical issue, religious beliefs, Etc. People are still human beings that deserve compassion and empathy! 

My husband and I have been verbally attacked recently by people who seem to have a serious misunderstanding as to what our book is all about. People spread lies and gossip when they have no clue what they are even talking about. This is exactly how judgment begins. One person starts to trash talk another and before you know it all of these terrible things you never did or said everyone else jumps on board and is believing because of one persons insecurities within themselves.  Don’t follow the crowd be a leader, think for yourself and come to your own conclusions!

I have grown so much being with my husband and struggling through his alcoholism watching it slowly destroy our entire family. I myself didn’t realize until many years into it how much it really affected me because I thought I had it all together. I am a very strong woman who had kids to look after and protect but that left very little room for me to breathe. To me addictions are much like a slow growing cancer…….you may not feel the sickness right away but once it starts to infect your mind then you begin to realize the severity of the situation. The difference is some cancers can be eradicated, however, an alcoholic will always have the disease of alcoholism, HOWEVER, they can live a full complete life if they get into recovery and let me tell you that life is amazing, full of so many blessings!

My husband and I are the best of friends, we are very much in love, we love our beautiful life that we worked so hard to rebuild!  My husband and I are honest kind hearted loving people and we surround ourselves with others that have that positivity too! We have met so many wonderful people on our journey though his/our recovery! Not everyone will understand your journey, not everyone will be happy for you, there is evil on this earth that disguises itself inside of other people. Toxic people my husband refuses to allow in our lives because it is not beneficial for his recovery and not what he wants in our lives because we lived that way for such a long time.

Some people live a life full of chaos they attract that in their lives and only they can make the choice to change it. Change is one of the hardest things to do but once you take that first step and see the rewards from it there will be no stopping you! People like to judge and gossip about others when they feel threatened or jealous. Forgive those people who speak badly of you because they have not yet found the right path in their own lives. I know some of you may think “I am not going to forgive the malicious things people have said or done to me”.  You be better than that….they act that way because they are angry and hurting deep down inside and they can’t admit it. They refuse to get help because they are in denial that the problem could be them!  Some people no matter how much you try and help will continue to destroy themselves and as sad as that it is, there isn’t anything you can do about it.

I learned even when life is at it’s worst there are blessings in the dark, look for the light and look at things from a different perspective and you will begin to see the way! We all make mistakes, some far greater than others but every one of us at some point owes amends to others for our behaviors. Life is unpredictable here today gone tomorrow! As someone said to me recently “there will always be haters around thanks to Satan influencing them”! I would suggest to people that in order to avoid misunderstandings talk to each other. IF you hear something troublesome about another person don’t just assume it is true ask for yourself, get to know them or watch their behaviors you will know soon enough if what you hear is true and I can tell you often it is only the other persons truth.



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