img_6748I have had many requests for another “Just a bunch of babbling blog” so here we go……. Once again there is no topic I just Babble 🙂 I have to say that the one thing I am least educated on and dislike is Politics.  I must say, this election no matter who your voting for, is this really the best we could do is these two?  Oh good lord, it’s like watching two five year olds on the playground fighting, he said, she said.  I can’t wait for it to be over.  I have seen so many nasty comments online to one another.  I have heard and seen people “unfriend” one another because of their political beliefs.  So once again just like racism you are judging someone because of what they believe in.  I don’t think people know how to have a difference in opinions and beliefs without getting all pissed off about it!  People, being different is OK, you can actually respect someone if you are republican and they are democrat.  All right, enough about that topic.

Fall is definitely in the air around here!  I love this time of year.  The colder weather, the holidays are my absolute favorite.  Along with that comes a little bit of sadness for me. My Dad lives in long term care because he has MS and has had some serious health issues the past 3 years so that is the best place for him to be cared for at this time.  He is with us often for the holidays but he misses some too because he becomes too sick. 😦  His memory and thoughts are starting to become jumbled and he loses focus easily.  He hasn’t walked in 3 years after a terrible fall that almost took his life and the chances of him walking again are not very good.  14725736_10207859379378413_6357739666080334962_n1Some days when he struggles to hold his fork and feed himself I feed him.  It is In those moments when I look at him and I feel so much empathy and realize getting older is much like becoming a child again, there simply are things you can no longer do on your own.  My husband and I went to visit him this weekend, he said he wasn’t feeling very good.  So I took out my phone and leaned in to take a picture with him and he looked at the camera and he said “oh that is a nice picture” then he said “look at me I look good!”  He’s always got his confidence in check 🙂  I love it!

For the first time two years ago my husband and I dressed up in Halloween costumes.  We had so much fun, we even won a costume contest at an AA party that was going on, this was so exciting for me!  In the past when my husband was drinking he was either at a bar getting drunk or home getting drunk, but he certainly was never interested in dressing up with me.  Another blessing of recovery………he continues to be present everyday and I don’t have to worry about him drinking or what mess I will have to clean up later.  We get to enjoy having fun together, sober!  We just decided what our costumes will be this year,(SHHHHH it’s a secret, I can’t share that with you just yet) BUT I will share our last photo with you all, we were “Grim Reaper & Tortured Soul.”  I didn’t realize how much fun it is as an adult to dress up, I haven’t dressed up in years.  10659193_10203204572811158_7331229131609537701_n1These are the fun moments in life.  I tell my kids and friends, take lots of photos throughout your days, you never know when looking back on a memory will bring such joy to your heart.  I am the girl who has thousands of photos, and photo albums, and albums online.  What can I say I love to take photos, I love memories they really warm my heart! 

I feel like so much has changed in my life these past few years.  I have noticed a change within myself as well.  I am more calm than I use to be, I mean it didn’t take much to set me off before (it’s the Italian attitude in me.)  Don’t get me wrong I can still get pissed off and raise my voice but I am finding that the feeling I feel most is sadness.  When things happen instead of anger I am deeply upset (I suppose that could be the menopausal women inside too) HAHAHA, hey, you have to laugh at yourself sometimes, but seriously she is super emotional!  The biggest changes have been with family ,and not in a positive way.  I responded to none of it.  My husband said his peace and walked away from it.  I kept talking to my husband about it and I was kind of pushing him a little to continue to reach out and talk to them but his response was “I don’t want those people in our life, if they can’t be respectful of me and my wife then I want nothing to do with them” so I followed his lead for the first time and let it go.  Knowing he is right, sometimes people just don’t want to hear you and they only believe what they want to believe. 

A few weeks ago while having a family/game night I received an e-mail that our book has received another award!  I enter the book into contests because you have to continue taking chances.  Our book is a Finalist winner in The Book Excellence Awards.  This is the second Finalist award we have won for our book, it has been out for two years now.  Our message is what is most important, keeping the discussion of alcoholism open so those still suffering feel like they are not alone.  This is a lifelong disease and one we all as a family will heal from for the rest of our lives, (yes it can be that destructive.)  To be able to call myself “an award winning author” is freaking awesome you guys!  If I was a Kardashian or Ellen we would be selling millions of copies and we would make the NY Times best seller list.  Although I have said it before, that would be another dream come true but the reality is, “it is what it is!”  I am an average everyday woman who wrote a memoir about my life as the wife of an alcoholic.  My hope is that it helps others, period, that is my goal. 

We have expanded our chicken flock slightly and our Rooster still scares me a little.  Sitting outside on our swing watching the ducks and chickens is such a peaceful feeling.  They are also comical to watch sometimes.  14199766_10207536047175310_655796656316940909_n1 14572758_10207744413904348_2345146785985644179_n1We have a few younger ones now that are super friendly.  They like to jump up on my lap when I’m on the swing.  I have these rain goulashes that I put on to clean out the chicken run/coop I call them my “chicken shit boots.” 🙂  Our chickens are so spoiled!  I read about them and then I act on the info I read.  So I make them oatmeal mixed with pumpkin, applesauce and Greek yogurt.  They get Kale most days of the week.  In the summer they get watermelon and cantaloupe.   They love spaghetti squash.  I want our animals to be as healthy as possible.  Someday my ultimate dream of dreams is to have a GINORMOUS animal sanctuary for all kinds of rescue animals to live out their lives in a loving serene place.  Now if I could just get #EllenDeGeneres to read my e-mails and help make my dreams come true for all animals then it’s a win, win for all!  You know what I saw in the freezer section at the grocery store last week Deep Fried Twinkies……WHY?  Sorry to those who like them but to me it’s just a Twinkie gone very wrong.  It’s like a sponge taking an oil bath, Uh no thank you. I love clogs, they are the most comfortable shoe but yet the ugliest shoe.  I told my daughter that I go for comfort now, she tells me I’m old, HAHAHA gotta love her.

If I was stranded on an island if I had cheese and my Chai Tea I would be a happy girl, oh but I have to have something crunchy too.  I don’t know what it is about the crunch of things but I really like it.  My husband and I are so opposite it makes us laugh.  When I like something he doesn’t and vice versa all the way down to our taste in music.  I am really a country girl at heart and my hubby, well he’s all rock n roll!  Together though we compromise, that is what a marriage is all about, giving.  Sometimes we end up at an Ozzy concert for him and the next we are rocking it out with Florida Georgia Line for me.  We balance one another really well.  See, there is no topic what so ever for this blog except for Blabbing!  I will say this though, I can’t wait for the election to be over for several reasons but two of the biggest are #1 every friggin TV ad is about the election, I mean who cares if Donald Trump ripped off his mattress tag, (just kidding bad joke I know) and #2 I want the damn election phone calls to stop, they start as early as 7:00 A.M. and go as late as after 9:00 P.M. it is ridiculous.  On a serious note, I would like to encourage all of you to start everyday with a gratitude list.  We can be quick to forget all the blessings in our lives when the storm clouds seem to keep rolling in, but I can promise you there is a rainbow hidden behind those clouds and if you look deep enough soon you will see the sunshine even through those storm clouds of life!

Wishing you Peace & Serenity………Harmony


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