america-will-never-be-destroyed-from-the-outside-america-quote1I don’t think I could have found a better quote given what is happening in our society right now.  Throughout this entire election I have never seen such vile anger and self-entitlement. I am truly sickened by what I am seeing and reading, as are so many others. The social media interactions between people go much deeper than just a difference in beliefs.  The way people are behaving is showing their character and integrity as a human being and for a lot of people it is NOT admirable!  I have heard people say that this is TRUMP’S fault because of his words.  No it isn’t anyone’s fault but your own, no matter what another person says or does, YOU and YOU alone are responsible and accountable for your own actions!

I am all about people having the freedom of speech and for each of us to have our own individual opinions, However, when those thoughts turn into action and those actions are physically harming people and the land we live in then it becomes personal to me because I am an American and the things I see on the news and read in social media are total absolute bullshit!  These people that are protesting that are turning into riots are allegedly fighting for what?  The fact that their candidate did not become president?  They are protesting that Trump “Is not MY president”,  what in the hell good will come out of this?  I wonder what these people protesting would think if others were out protesting against Hillary being our president elect?  Taking time off from work, canceling events, Etc. & everyone being in an uproar over it?   My guess is it would look something like this…..They would say “Get over it” and that those people are being ridiculous.  So I would like to challenge those people and ask them to switch shoes with the others and how would you react? 

I have heard people say that TRUMP caused this by his degradation towards women and others but here are my thoughts about that………You say he is rude, corrupt, a liar, degrades people, he’s racist, and so on, yet you believe that YOUR nasty words and violent actions are justified because your pissed off Hillary is not our president elect!  Where is the logic in that?  These negative actions will not change anything……..People like this are destroying our America and creating further divide in a society where divide is already such an issue.  Instead of being dignified, and finding a way to come together and carrying on an adult conversation or debate it has become tumultuous at best.  I don’t define myself by any particular party because that is my choice, I make my political decisions based upon what I hear the candidates say and who I believe will be the best person that will get those things done that speak to me.  I don’t agree with some of the nasty words he has spoken I have actually been appalled by things I have heard him say.  However on that same note I would like to say that if everyone of us were judged by the sound bites of our anger, misspoken words, things you have done, and your personal opinions do you think people would gasp at any of those words?

I have heard people say that they voted for Trump and were willing to take a chance on someone who is not a career politician because they are tired of the career politicians, they are tired of the government running every aspect of our lives.  The most disgraceful thing is these people that are protesting are doing hateful things like Burning the American flag, that in itself to me makes you UN-AMERICAN and there should be legal consequences for that!  People have sacrificed their lives to make sure that you stay safe and you have the right to vote.  Professors at colleges coddling the students because they are too distraught about the election.  Well known entertainers canceling their concerts because they are too distraught about the election.  People calling into work because they are too distraught from the election.  Seriously people……When did we become such a self-entitled whining society?  Not everyone wanted Trump not Everyone wanted Hillary.  This is not the first presidential election where the electoral votes won over popular vote, this is the fourth time in history it has happened.  To me this is like a massive bullying session and people are stomping there feet and crying because they didn’t get their way, so to make their point they are going to cause damage and destroy things to show that they are powerful?  To me that shows weakness, great weakness because it is not done in a dignified way.  People have said to me that the liberals and democrats are radical in their ways of doing things.  With these protests I see exactly what they mean.  If Hillary was elected I don’t believe Trump supporters wouldn’t riot like this, people lick their wounds and move on with their life just as they did when Obama was elected, or Bush, or the other Clinton.

I totally understand the fear for the illegal people that are here.  I know people come here for freedom and to raise there family in a better way.  They want a better life.  I absolutely get that, and I empathize, but I also believe that we all have to abide by the laws.  I believe that the people who have green cards or working visas should be given the ability to become a legal citizen.  I don’t believe that this wall should be built and we throw 11 million people out of our country but I also understand that Americans have been in fear as well from the people who come here to destroy our people and our land.  However to say that the saddest day of your life was when Trump won the election is just beyond comprehensible to me.  What a joke……a sad day is watching a loved one fighting cancer.  A sad day is watching your parents age with Alzheimer’s or some other disease and knowing there is not a damn thing you can do about their suffering.  A sad day is when a family loses their home, their jobs, their children, Etc.  A sad day is watching your newborn baby fight for her life after having open heart surgery.  A sad day is NOT losing your president elect, that is an honor that you get the right to vote!!  We have to become ONE, that is what America  is all about.  We are all blessed even on your worst days that we get to live in this beautiful world of ours.  We can agree to disagree in a respectful manner.  We can have debates in a dignified way.  We all have to accept things sometimes that we may not like or agree with but being part of this hate cycle and spewing your vengeance upon innocent people is wrong.

“We are One nation Under God!”  We live for “Liberty and Justice for all!  We have to give our president elect Donald Trump the opportunity to create the great change he talks about,  just as I would give Hillary if she was our next president!  He talks about “ALL PEOPLE” and I for one want a better world for myself, my family, my children, and every single one of you out there.  We are all human beings we breathe the same air.  If we hold each other up instead of tearing each other down and work together you may just begin to see the world become a place that is safer again.  I pray the protesters stop the madness and find a positive better way to be the change they wish to see in OUR AMERICA!  We are all in this together no matter who is in the White House.  Wanting Trump to fail is wanting America to fail and to me that is as UNAMERICAN as it gets!

Wishing you Peace & Serenity……..Harmony



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