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This has been the most heart breaking year for me.  I lost my Dad this year and let me tell you this, if you haven’t lost anyone close to you then you will not be able to really grasp what grief feels like deep down in your soul until someone you cherish and are very close too leaves this life.  My Dad is my safe place, my biggest supporter, my hero.  I have learned so much from him.  Everyday I miss him more than the last.  I know that he would want me to be happy and live my life which I do, but some days are much harder than others.  That being said, take ALOT OF PHOTOS in your life!  Sometimes they are all the memories you have left of certain times or certain people.  Believe me when I tell you that you will cherish them!

We had 5 ducklings born this year!  They are definitely much messier than chickens but boy are they cute to watch.  You know they are totally adorable makes you almost want some right!! One of our Momma chickens actually hatched them and took care of them for 2 weeks, not kidding!  And we still have our jerky aggressive Rooster……Ya still afraid of that little ass but he sure is a beautiful bird, his name is David Bowie…..It’s the hair!










Our home is paid off, what a huge relief that is!  We were also able to get a new roof put on the house finally after dealing with years of a leaky roof!  We lost 2 of our longtime rescue cats this year Lewis & Lucy along with many more…..that is never easy, always breaks my heart.  I hope it is true what they say, that all the animals you have loved in your life will be waiting for you.  Oh boy let me tell you how many will be waiting for me, they will need a new place just for me and my entourage of beloved furbabies!  My husband and I rescue homeless cats and pick up and rescue dogs off the street from getting hit by cars.  As a matter of fact we are in the process of building indoor/outdoor enclosure #2 for the rest of the cats in our area.  We intend on getting them all off the street and safely in an environment where they will live happy, warm, and safe!  We have taken in 17 new cats and kittens over the past 3 months.  We have had close to 400 cats spayed/neutered.  Someone tossed them out like they were trash but we see the beauty in those less fortunate struggling to survive, no animal should be left outside to live  like cats and dogs.  Oh I should mention that I know my purpose on this earth is to save animals, and the compassion and love I have for them is so deep, they are all sentient beings in my eyes!

We celebrated my husband having 5 years clean and sober!  This was such a nice day.  My Dad was with us in spirit he was always so proud of my husband for getting into recovery and changing his life! This photo is what can happen when you are clean, you have family & friends that celebrate with you, not everyone supports you and some people leave your life but what you gain is indescribable, he lives a great life now one with integrity and honesty!






My Husband has increased the company he works for by 40 million a year!  Not kidding!  He is an incredible sales man who has been in the industry for 30 plus years.  To say he found a great company he will be blessed to retire with is nothing short of answered prayers.  Being in your 50’s looking for a new job isn’t always an easy task but they took a chance on him and believe me the owner of the company even said to me at the Christmas Party this year that he is an awesome man who does a phenomenal job!  Yes he is but let’s be careful how BIG you allow his ego to get……..HAHAHA!  Just after I wrote this my husband walked into the room and I said “Is there anything that happened this year you can think of”  His exact words were “I AM GREAT” see EGO……. If you are miserable doing the work you are doing find something you love to do, it is important you like your job!

It has been a very difficult year for me.  I haven’t written like I want too, as a matter of fact often I am just blank.  My Dads passing has really changed my life.  It’s like you know these things happen in life but believe me you can never prepare for how it affects you.  All I can say is I do my best and some days the winds are knocked out of my sails and I have to remember to take time for me and continue to grieve.  My Dads passing has also brought out the “real person” in some people who have removed themselves from my life.  That was a shocker and now I can say it is a blessing not a curse.   I think we sometimes see people for what we want to see them as or make them out to be what we want them to be, but when you have the opportunity to look back on things you often see that what you thought was real really wasn’t real at all. 

Some of the problems I have seen in todays society is the raging selfishness and self-entitlement from people!   It sickens me and I am happy to not have those type of people in my life.  You realize that sometimes strangers become friends, and friends become strangers.  Take chances in life and do what makes you happy.  Share your life with your partner don’t live a life separate.  Sometimes people forget they are sharing their lives.  COMPROMISE, COMMUNICATION, GIVING, these things are so important in any relationship!  I wrote a blog a while ago that talked about if friendship can survive alcoholism…….I am so excited that my dear friend who had one foot in and one foot out drinking and not drinking is NOW SOBER!! 

Here is what she said to me the other day……..She said I now have almost 5 months of not drinking she said “I never realized how much money I was actually spending on alcohol”  She said she now has money to buy thing and do things!  She said she also never realized what a depressant it really is.  She was the most negative person, also skeptical and bah hum bug about a lot of things, never saw a bright side.  Now she is smiling, happy and relaxed!  She has a positive energy and glow about her and she looks great.  She said “Until I stopped drinking and was serious about it I never realized how much it affected my life”  She said she even gets to have conversations with her daughter that don’t go right into arguments.  Love her she is family. I am so happy about this I can’t tell you how much I can see the changes she has naturally made because she kicked alcohol out of her life!  So proud of her!

I will leave you with this……..there are significant things in life that will knock you to your knees like losing someone you love dearly.  We are all in this world together and you can all make a difference if you just try.  Whether it is getting clean and sober, making amends, changing jobs, changing the way you treat others.  You are the only one in control of how you behave.  If you owe an amends don’t wait because sometimes you may not have the opportunity.  It is so true that we are never guaranteed tomorrow.  Be kind to others, donate, volunteer, help people and animals, do good in this world leave your mark! 

These two photos are my most favorite Christmas photos of all time the one where we are on the stairs is with my Dad being childlike and the other is our last Christmas together.  If I can touch anyone I would say this……although my Dad wasn’t well we didn’t expect to loose him when we did.  My Dad and I argued the day he went to the hospital.  When I got the call that he was going to the emergency room he was in bad shape not conscience and it took 2 days before he opened his eyes enough to talk to him and we got to say I love you and joke around with him and about 6 hours later I got a call they were intubating him and I never got to talk to him again.  All I could do was hold his hand and talk to him to let him know I was there!

Sometimes we don’t get a chance to make things right, although this was our thing Dad and I always butted heads but I took care of him and we always knew we loved each other and how close of a bond we shared.  If I never had a chance to talk to him again it would have haunted me for the rest of my life!  I would never want the last words said to be bad ones.  My message is it is OK to not be a part of someone’s life, not everyone has a place in yours.  You can love family from a distance and wish them well knowing it is too toxic to be a part of them.  We can’t beat ourselves up over the things we have no control over but we have to learn how to make peace with things, even things we aren’t ok with.  Do your best every day to be better than you were the day before.  Go to bed at night with a clear conscience that you didn’t intentionally hurt someone that day.  If you fail at something don’t take it so hard know it is just part of our lesson, try a different way or grow form it either way failing means you tried.  If you are using or drinking please get yourself some help to change your life for yourself and your loved ones, the miracles are waiting for you if you just reach for them.  Don’t be so busy that you don’t pay attention to the people in your life, they need you.  Love with all your heart do good be kind above all giving is living.  Much Love and blessings to you and your families, make 2018 a phenomenal year!  My family will be remembering the man we all miss dearly but who is with us in spirit always!















Someone recently asked me what advice I could give to others in the same situation or thinking of getting into this type of situation.  I can only speak as the wife of an alcoholic and I can only share from my own experiences.  I have come to find that there are commonalities in every person who has an addiction problem no matter what the substance is.   Which outside of alcohol and drugs can also be food, shopping, gambling, and so many other things.  I can’t tell someone whether they should stay or go.  We all think and feel differently.  I can share some things that I learned along the way…………as the photo quote above states “I still loved him through it all”.  Not everyone will make it out together!

Alcoholics can have all or some of these behaviors, manipulation, lie, play the victim, blame, twist words, be emotionally and or physically abusive, leave for days at a time, loose a lot of money, infidelity, SELFISHNESS like I have never seen, broken promises, secrets, steal, and there are so many more; but you get the point.  It is so hard to separate the “alcoholism” from the person.  Addiction is just pure evil!  People try to escape their pain by numbing it and pretending it doesn’t exist but it follows you wherever you go, and until you confront and resolve it in some way there isn’t a drink or drug in the world that will make it go away!  Alcoholism isn’t a choice, it is a sickness of the mind!  It isn’t an easy life loving an alcoholic.  I can tell you that no amount of begging, yelling, or crying will change the alcoholic.  Until they are ready to seek help for themselves and admit they have a problem there isn’t anyone or anything that can get them to stop drinking.  It is a very heartbreaking life to watch someone you love slowly kill themselves and destroy their innocent families.

So many nights you spend alone.  You become their caretaker, you are responsible for everything.  You are a two parent home yet only one of you actively participates in raising the children.  You keep secrets from other people about your life.  You make excuses for your alcoholic.  You lie for your alcoholic.  You live in shame due to their addictions.  Somehow with as often as they blame you for everything and even though you know it isn’t your fault, you start to believe that somehow it really is YOUR FAULT!  The whole family gets into this dysfunctional cycle and soon it’s like you are on a hamster wheel and the cycle repeats continuously with no way out and the entire family becomes so sick from one persons addiction.  I believe the spouses and families of alcoholics suffer so much worse than the alcoholic does, in different ways.  The spouses try to take the blunt of everything, they hide and protect the children and the rest of the family from their alcoholics behaviors.  The spouse allows the alcoholic to beat them up with their emotional abuse to save the children.  You try and make life “normal” for your family.  You become an enabler and you don’t even realize that is what you are doing, sometimes they even get the children to enable their behaviors too. The family becomes just as sick as they are!

You find yourself slipping away into what feels like a black lonely hole of HELL!  You feel your soul being crushed from the inside out.  You feel your heart breaking everyday because no matter what you try your alcoholic doesn’t see things the way you do, they don’t have the ability to see things the way they really are.  They see things through the eyes of the alcohol bottle, through a false sense of reality, to escape what is really happening due to their alcoholism.  Which is why when you try and paint them a picture of what it is like from your perspective they will blame you, they will tell you that you cause your own pain.  They will crush your sprit, they will emotionally cripple you and use that as an excuse to drink!  They will twist your words to suit them because an alcoholic will not take responsibility or accountability for anything bad, it will always be someone else’s fault…..and it is usually the one closest to them…….their spouse!

I know by now you are saying “why in the hell did she stay with such a monster”?  Because the truth is he isn’t a monster the “ISM” is.  The addiction takes over their body and mind, they become a shell of the person they used to be before the disease set in.  There is a person connected to the alcoholism, they are in a great deal of pain that they felt nothing in life could help cure until they got lost in the bottom of a bottle.  One drink felt good enough to make him relax so three could really help numb the pain and before you know it those few drinks turned into bottles of the harder stuff.  Sometimes they blackout and that is much better than dealing with what drove them to drink in the first place and the cycle quickly gets out of control because when they feel the pain they drink to stop it and before long they are drinking everyday throughout the day because their tolerance is building and one drink just isn’t enough anymore.  It is too painful to face reality so they become a victim to their own circumstance as does the family.  

 Know you can’t ever control an alcoholics behavior and until THEY hit their own personal bottom and THEY realize for themselves that THEY want to change and THEY want to live a different life and THEY choose to get into recovery nothing will change, it will get worse!  In your life together when they are actively drinking you will see them have moments of clarity and they will see themselves for a moment through your eyes and they will be apologetic for all the pain they caused you and the family and they will promise to stop and do better.  And they are better for a while, but it is always short lived because the hold the addiction has on them is far greater than their strength at this point.  Suddenly you have all the HOPE in the world.  You believe them and just know that THIS TIME it will be different, until it’s not.  I believe in those moments they are fighting the disease within themselves to get out of the prison they live in, in their own mind and that is how the alcoholism keeps them coming back.

One blog post just isn’t enough to share everything about this topic but I can tell you that it is not an easy life.  It has been my journey and I chose to stand by my husband through it all.  There were years of hell and serious heartache, a lot of damage.  Although he is now in recovery going on 5 years in October he has to stay on top of his recovery.  My husband will always be an alcoholic, but now he is a recovering one, but the disease is always within him waiting to come out and take over again.  As long as he stays present in his mind and uses the tools and the program to keep his life on the right track he will be OK, we will be OK.  We have rebuilt our marriage and we have to work on it everyday.  Life still goes on and bad shit happens all the time.   People we love die, you get behind on bills, loose jobs, family gets sick, the list can go on but I have learned that if you are not able to be grateful for what you have in your life at every moment then you are not eligible for anything more until you are!  Here is an example…….if you live in an older home and the area is less than ideal and your roof leaks but you don’t have the money to fix it just yet and all you can say is “I hate it here, I hate my house, I wish I had a nicer house” well you are missing a great life lesson my friends!  It’s called GRATITUDE!!

You see I learned a long time ago that you have to give more than you get.  You have to pay attention to your loved ones when they are hurting.  You have to find the positive in even the worst of situations (because I promise you it’s there).  If you are always being negative then that is what will come back to you.  We all do the best we can and other times we fall short of being the best version of ourselves.  If you choose to stand by your alcoholic just know it isn’t an easy journey and it’s a lifelong one at that, BUT sometimes even in the darkest moments if you close your eyes and listen with your heart and soul the answer will come to you.  Life isn’t always easy sometimes it straight up sucks, sometimes it is so painful you feel like you just can’t go on.  In those moments hang on tight don’t let go, don’t give up, there is always a better way, reach out for help!  There is always someone out there that needs you, that needs to hear your story, your voice.  Not everyone can and will be saved, lives are lost everyday to addiction, it is truly heartbreaking.  You may be the person who helps save another person, even a stranger.  You may never even know the affect you have on someone and how your presence in this world changed their life, but they will know.  You never know who is listening and why.

Know this…….no matter how long we are here on this earth we all have a divine purpose. I believe we all make a difference to someone.  Life is a gift, and for those that are struggling with addictions, my hope for you is that you find help.  That you change your life to become the best YOU that YOU were meant to be!   We can’t make someone with an addiction problem get help but we can be there when they reach out for help.  For those of you that chose to leave your alcoholic please know this……. you have nothing to feel guilty about.  You did nothing wrong, sometimes you have to save yourself because an alcoholic will take you down with them.  Please don’t take my words wrong.  I am not bashing alcoholics I am the wife of one, I am simply being honest about it, and my husband would tell you the same thing.  He supports everything I write because it is all true.  I am not going to paint a pretty picture when it can be an ugly one.  I am the friend that tells you that your outfit looks awful.  Sugar coating a lie doesn’t make it easier for someone because those lies eventually all come out at some point.  As hard as the truth may be to hear at times I would rather know than not know. 

Although recovery is a lifelong process for both the alcoholic, spouse, and family it is possible to rebuild.  It is possible to start fresh and heal.  I get to see and hear miracles everyday in meetings.  Not everything is rainbows and unicorns!  We are all human we struggle at times, an alcoholic can fall back into old behaviors without picking up a drink.  People sharing their stories and their everyday problems with others helps to create healing for all.  It helps us to stay in reality and not get caught up in all the bullshit life can throw at you.  Relapses can be part of an alcoholics story but they have recovered from it time and time again.  Not everyone gets it their first time around but wanting it to be different and to keep showing up to try is what makes all the difference in the world. Never loose HOPE and hold onto believing that one minute, one hour, one day clean, sober and most importantly in recovery is better than a lifetime using!!

Wishing you Peace and Serenity……….Harmony


30744-Selfish-People[1]The definition of selfishness…….”Concerned in caring only for oneself; primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc. regardless of others feelings”! Believe it or not there is good selfishness and bad. Let’s face it we work hard and we all deserve things but at what price does it come? Being Selfish in wanting to spend time with your spouse, spend your time volunteering, these are not bad things to want. The selfishness that becomes destructive is the “all about me” type.

One of the strong behaviors of alcoholism is selfishness and it usually comes with ego & self centeredness. They all mean that you make yourself most important in the sense where you disregard the feelings and needs of others in doing so. Taking care of yourself is one thing but done excessively is another.  I know firsthand I have been on the receiving end of this behavior and it isn’t a pretty site. Even in sobriety it can still creep up in the most aggressive ways and sometimes when you think you are helping or being a part of the solution you may actually be part of the problem.

This weekend my husband and I were at an AA meeting and he was asked to chair, in his story he mentioned that as an alcoholic they are the best actors, the best liars, the most selfish people because everything is about them and the way they want things even if it isn’t logical.  As I looked around I noticed everyone nodding their heads and whispering “Yep”.  However you don’t have to be an alcoholic to be selfish.  I believe this is why one of the suggested steps in the AA program is being of service. This can even be of benefit to your own spouse.

It makes me feel good when I help or take care of someone else. For example if I have some place to be but as I am driving down the street I see an animal running next to traffic at that point I am not concerned if I will be late I pull over call for help and try and get this animal out of a bad situation. If someone says to me “I need to talk” then I make the time. I have heard it said though that someone will be willing to do all they can to help a stranger but they won’t help the person that is closet to them that they love, how is that for irony?

I have always thought of myself as a very selfless person, “concerned with the needs of others than with my own”.  This is a very good thing but can also be very bad. You can give too much of yourself to others and not take care of you. I am a giver, I am a caretaker always have been. Learning to do for yourself is not easy……..But you can see how there must be a balance. When we take care of ourselves we are helping others.

In every marriage/relationship there will be issues like children, work, finances, family, Etc. Supporting one another with great ideas is fantastic it shouldn’t matter where it comes from as long as it is in the best interest of the situation. We all have our strong traits, if one is more consistent and structured with the children it is beneficial, if one is better suited and has been taking care of the finances that is also beneficial. Ask yourself this question has he/she ever done something so terrible with the children? Has he/she always made sure everything was taken care of financially? Being a part of something is one thing but when you change the balance and try to take over there is going to be a negative shift. Compromise and communication are key.

This is where ones ego and selfishness can create big problems that are not necessary. Sometimes we need to hand it over to our higher power or just have the faith in yourself or your significant other that they are doing what is best in any given situation. We can’t control everything there has to be trust.  If you catch yourself being selfish practice doing things to change that behavior.  Do one nice thing for your spouse today that is just for them. Whether it be a book they would like, a flower just because, give them a massage, watch their favorite movie, help them with yard work, whatever he/she needs be the one to do it. If your not married do something nice to help someone else in need. When you stop and really take a look around there Is a lot of selfishness in the world but there are also giving people in the world. It is finding that balance in between not losing yourself nor being so consumed with oneself either. Sometimes self-sacrifice putting it all in someone else’s hand is what needs to be done whether it be in yourself or someone else just believe because it will all work out the way it is suppose to!

Wishing you Peace & Serenity…………..Harmony